Eco-friendly Paint Plus gets the brand recognition it deserves

PaintPlus has achieved extraordinary advances in creating New Zealand’s most eco-friendly range of paints, and professional painters who use the products recognise it as the best quality paint by far… but there was a slight hiccup.

Fraser Gardyne, gardyneHOLT Creative Director, says that PaintPlus has built a strong profile within the New Zealand paint trade. However a survey revealed that although paint contractors acknowledge PaintPlus product as best they have used – their customers didn’t recognise the brand and thought they were being supplied an inferior alternative to the publicly recognised brands. This was proving to be an obstacle for a manufacturer who has gone to great lengths to achieve top quality and value with their eco and user friendly products.

The company became the first small enterprise in New Zealand to get carboNZero certification in October 2008, and is the only paint manufacturer with an Environmental Choice New Zealand approval for every single product it makes.

PaintPlus is widely used by the film industry, hospitals, schools and hotels, and they don’t need any convincing of the product’s superior quality or its sustainable value.

“Where the health of a large number of people is concerned, such as in healthcare facilities, PaintPlus is preferred because it is durable, dries quickly, has very low odour and toxicity and is manufactured using the best possible ingredients,” says Fraser.

“We were in at the ground floor when the company was established in 1996, helping to create the new brand. However, the way the company chose to market itself purely to professional painters has meant that the brand doesn’t have much of a public face.

“As a result, customers perceptions would mean that their painters would use a brand the client knew because most people equate brand recognition with quality.”

Since then gardyneHOLT has been working with PaintPlus to develop retail branding for PaintPlus that reflects the superior quality and eco-friendly nature of their products.

For example, different types of paint are branded with visuals from the natural world, such as shells, petals, feathers, stones and leaves to reinforce the environmental story.

“Painters themselves aren’t in the business of selling paint brands. They just want to provide value and use the best paint for the job, and in doing so get recommended for future work by their happy customers.

“Through astute use of branding we’re helping the paints to sell themselves, and it’s a message that is achieving great success for PaintPlus,” says Fraser.


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