The .nz domain claim – gimmick or real deal?

By now you may have received a notice from your domain registration company telling you that the .nz domain registrations are live, and inviting you stake your claim – but should you be bothered?

“Yes, because in a few years everybody is going to be using it,” says gardyneHOLT web developer Antony Spalding. “I’m not advocating for .kiwi and other similar domains, but this one I think is important because it is shorter than the domain.

“The fact that it is shorter, makes it more user friendly and that means it will grow in popularity over time. There are also important considerations like protecting your brand, guarding your existing domain name and trademark, but mostly I believe it’s because in a few years from now .nz will be the default suffix,” Antony says.

Unlike any other domain names however, registration does not come on a first come first served basis.

“If someone has the existing domain name, for example and or, then they will have rights to it for the six months between 30 September 2014 and 30 March 2015.”

Naturally, if nobody has registered anything like the name before, it will be fine to use.

However, a dispute resolution process will have to be followed where two owners share similar rights.

For example, if is owned by one company and is owned by a another company, both organisations are going to have to work it out between them through a disputes resolution process. See the guide ‘Going Through The Conflicted Name Process’.

If the dispute cannot be resolved, it may be that the .nz domain remains unregistered to any party.

How do you register for .nz?

To register for the .nz domain as a variation on a domain you already own, you will most likely need a UDAI code/number, which is given to you when you first registered the original domain name.

The UDAI is the password for the domain and can be used to transfer the ownership of the domain or, in this case, add ownership of .nz

If you registered your domain name through gardyneHOLT, get in touch with Antony by email: so he can look it up for you.

However, Antony may not be able to help you with your UDAI code if gardyneHOLT hosts your website, but did not originally register the domain name. Whoever originally purchased the domain name will have access to the UDAI code.

“You do not have to buy the .nz domain right now,” Antony says. “Perhaps you want to think about it. In that instance, you are advised to lodge your interest with by 30 March 2015. If there is no dispute over the domain, you will have until September 2016 to formally register.

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