Selaks is here to stay!

Watch for the new Selaks Reserve range of wines, appearing very soon in restaurants, supermarkets and wine stores. We've worked with the Selaks team to create a modern, reserve-quality range that gives the whole brand a new vitality.

Selaks is a classic New Zealand wine brand, founded in 1934 and renowned for generations of careful, consistent winemaking. Their straightforward Premium Selection range is very familiar, but their boutique Winemaker's Favourite wines are quite a bit harder to get hold of. Selaks saw the need for a reserve range in between.

We had refreshed the Premium Selection and Winemaker's Favourite labels a couple of years ago, adopting a conservative, careful approach to change. With the Premium Selection we wanted to clean up a rather dusty, unloved look, without losing any of the trust and recognition that the brand had established. The Winemaker's Favourite brand was an exercise in communicating credibility, to match the serious quality and refinement of the wines themselves. Both of these developments were very successful, but they didn't address a potential new danger.

The Selaks brand is so familiar and reliable that, like a trusted old family friend, it was at some risk of being taken for granted and outshone by whatever bright young thing happens to be standing next to it. The most familiar Selaks range is the lowest tier, and there was a substantial risk of the whole brand being defined by that range alone, to become known as a producer of wine at that level only. Our goal was to create a new brand communicating an aspirational level of quality that drinkers of Selaks Premium Selection could confidently step up to, or that drinkers of Winemaker's Favourite could easily find and enjoy as an everyday staple.

Selaks Reserve wines are carefully crafted to offer a pure expression of classic New Zealand varietal styles, at a reserve level. Our label presents them as modern wines from a strongly-established, reliable brand. The Selaks Reserve brand makes a serious statement of quality and refinement, and shows that Selaks is not just a brand from the past, but is very relevant now and into the future.


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