Content marketing

Content marketing is the production and distribution of good quality, 'value' added information – written, visual and electronic – that is designed to inform and educate a target market that is already looking for solutions and making buying decisions.

Everybody is searching online, everybody is consuming content and, as a supplier of services or products, you can both attract and convert huge potential sales by meeting market demand for high quality content.


At the core of your marketing efforts is a good website that not only attracts traffic, but is geared to convert as much business as possible using a mix of great branding, easy functionality and compelling storytelling – all working together in perfect synchronicity.

Visitors aren’t always in a position to buy the first time they visit your website. Perhaps they’re hesitant or need to think about their decision. But once they leave, they rarely return.

At gardyneHOLT we work with clients to develop a content marketing strategy and campaign that not only attracts, but also captures visitors before they leave for good.

Auto response campaign

Once your opt-in device has captured your visitor's details, an effective auto response campaign kicks in by providing a series of pre-prepared marketing pieces that are relevant, short, persuasive and full of value.

With a rapidly growing database, you can now market direct to this growing audience through various methods including promotions, e-news and even printed collateral.


Your blog is your home base for keyword-optimised content that gets people to your website, and is a key engagement strategy for building rapport with your customers.

By blogging and distributing that information across other blogs, websites, media sites and social media, you create multiple touchpoints where you can divert visitors to your website.

Regardless of the type of content, whether photos, how-to-articles, comments, opinion, press releases, case studies, news, videos or podcasts, all should provide information that educates, informs and entertains.

Once the blog is being written on a monthly, bi monthly or weekly basis, the content may be re-purposed for use on various platforms including social media, other blogs, news and media sites, article directors and social news sites like DIGG.

The end result is a source of qualified leads from potential clients who have read your blog and other online information – they have done their research, and now want to engage with a company that adds value and, as a result, is perceived of as an expert and a thought leader they can trust.