Tutu Film Production website

Tutu is a multi-faceted film production agency specialising in co-ordination between Japan and New Zealand. In addition to film production services, they provide specialised translation and interpreting services needed for the industry, as well as catering and an Asian talent pool.

We created a playful but sophisticated website that allows a visitor to 'tutu around'. The talent section includes a dynamic gallery in which talent can be sorted by age, ethnicity and gender, and the portfolio of line production work includes a full gallery of videos to be viewed within the site.

The site is completely bilingual, switching from English to Japanese at the touch of a button.

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"GardyneHOLT helped to develop our web site last year. We needed to make our web site work well in both Japanese and English language/culture.

I am sure that it was quite a challenging project for them but they found the best way and designed a site and materials which covers everything.  Our clients love the website - it is a great marketing tool! Thank you gardyneHOLT - you guys are amazing!"

Migiwa Ozawa