Kooljoy brand & packaging

It's not often we get to design packaging for a whole new type of beverage. Buckwheat tea is popular in other parts of the world, but was almost unknown in New Zealand until now.

Jie (Jade) Tang was on the lookout for a product that would launch her into her own business when on a trip to China, to visit family and friends, she discovered buckwheat tea – a gluten free, wheat free and caffeine free seed that is packed with proven nutrition and extremely versatile because it can be used as a tea, cereal, protein powder and for baking.

gardyneHOLT designed the brand, website and packaging with a sunny, playful element to the graphics where you see the buckwheat seeds sinking to the bottom.

Jie chose the name Kooljoy both because it describes youth and happiness, but also because the word sounds like kugiao, the Chinese name for buckwheat. “I think of sunshine when I see it,” Jie says.

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"All customers love the packaging. Thank you guys for this amazing design.”

Jie Tang

Owner - Kooljoy