Wesley new town brand & marketing materials

A new town is in development south of Auckland. Because of the scale and longevity of the project and its unique history, our first assignment was to create a website that invited potential property owners to help shape this new community.

Wesley College Trust have been tasked with maintaining and supporting their school in perpetuity, and they have chosen to achieve that through the development of a new town. They want to do more than just build homes for people - their objective is to establish a solid, long-lasting community. We felt that the best way to achieve this is to allow potential buyers to interactively show what kind of a community they want. We created a website that gives visitors the ability to build up a collage of images showing their ideal home. They can choose not only the physical characteristics of their ideal house, but also the amenities and character of the community they want to live in.

This site not only allows potential buyers to 'see' their future home, but also gives the developers real, direct feedback about the community their customers want them to build. 

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