We are a carboNZero certified company

We see better communication technology as a way to dramatically reduce waste and energy consumption in day-to-day business, if used intelligently. We want to play our part in preserving this planet, and we’re pleased to announce that gardyneHOLT recently received an award as OVERALL WINNER of the "Outstanding Performance in Carbon Management - Small Organisation" category of the Enviro-Mark Solutions awards programme.

carboNZero certification is the first internationally accredited GHG certification scheme in the world, recognised in over 50 economies. gardyneHOLT received certification in 2010 - 2011.

carboNZero certification involves taking accountability and action against greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) generated as a result of our business activities. We have been assessed comprehensively to the most rigorous international standards available for measuring and managing a carbon footprint.

We are taking active steps to reduce our impact on the environment, and are mitigating the emissions we can’t reduce with verified carbon credits.

Even though gardyneHOLT is a mid-sized brand design firm, its emissions amount to 23.2 tons for our first year of monitoring (due to activities such as freight, waste, electricity and travel).

As part of the certification process, gardyneHOLT developed a GHG emissions reduction plan. Some projects in this plan include reducing electricity emissions by 5%, and reducing international air travel by at least 10%.

Through changes in the way we work, gardyneHOLT's total emissions for our second year were reduced to 7.03 tons.

The firm has offset its other emissions through the purchase of carbon credits from the Hinewai Forest - a more than 1000 hectare nature reserve in Banks Peninsula.

We think New Zealand still has the potential to be an environmental leader and authority worldwide, but it requires a commitment from people like us, not just at a Government level, but at a personal and business level as well.

carboNZero certification has been developed from solid science at Landcare Research, a Government owned Crown Research Institute. For more information about the carboNZero certification programme, click here to visit the carboNZero website.