We’ve enjoyed providing design for wine brands, and packaging for a range of other foods and beverages, for many years. Fraser Gardyne has long worked for boutique wine brands such as Rockburn in Central Otago, and Malcolm Dale was creative director of the design studio at Montana Wines (now Pernod Ricard NZ) for ten years.

What we’ve learned again and again is that every brand is different, and it’s our job with the packaging design to bring out the unique strengths and points of difference of each.

Because each bottle competes against an entire aisle or store of unique brands, wine is a special product. The label design needs to communicate the special character of the wine, to catch the eye of a specific target customer. We capture the time-honoured heritage, or the social pleasure, or the individuality and craftsmanship that make wine such a rewarding experience—all within the 10 x 10 cm frame of a label design.

In some cases we’ve had the opportunity to design packaging for the whole brand from the ground up, and in other cases we’ve worked within an established brand to revive or extend it. With O:TU and Selaks, we’ve been lucky enough to design the complete suite of brands, establishing a careful hierarchy at different price points and targeting different audiences. Over the tenure of our work, Selaks has grown from being a rather tired West Auckland brand into the second biggest brand in NZ grocery.

We've put together a chart that shows wine brand positioning based on consumer needs. Download the chart now.

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