Bank of New Zealand brand

BNZ had undergone a very substantial brand makeover just two years earlier, which had shifted the brand image too far from its core strength as the leading bank for New Zealand business. We were engaged by the advertising agency Sugar to re-establish the values and strengths of the bank in their brand, with subtle and careful changes to avoid undoing any positive gains that had been made.

The most distinctive feature of the original BNZ logo had been the stars of the Southern Cross, in a rectangular 'shield'. These had been dropped in the previous makeover. We rebuilt credibility and heritage in the new brand by bringing the Southern Cross back into the logo, in a fresh way that complemented the new typeface and style. Very careful changes in colour and typestyle added further credibility.

We built a full 'Bank of New Zealand' form of the logo, also lost in the makeover, to be used by the bank where the informal 'bnz' didn't convey appropriate respect for their clients' business. The new brand has been very successfully introduced and applied in a gradual process over time.