O:TU Wines brands & labels

O:TU is a compelling modern Marlborough wine brand with a strong reputation for premium-level, interesting sauvignon blanc.

We worked with their team, lead by winemaker Jan Kux and general manager Catherine Ma, and with wine marketing specialists, Vine Marketing to create a bold, modern series of wine label designs. The new O:TU range is equally at home in any sophisticated company, whether in New Zealand or in cities around the world.

We have developed a stepped series of unique labels that communicate the modern, engaging qualities of a cosmopolitan wine brand at clearly differentiated levels of approachability and luxury.

gardyneHOLT also designed the website which is centred around a large dot in the middle of the screen. The content and images layer over the top and the design is responsive.

Visit the website: www.otuwine.com

OTU pinot
OTU pinot close 2
OTU pinot close
OTU office screen