Paint Plus brand, packaging & website

In 1997 two of our previous clients from Firestone Direct, John Warman and Jim Beattie, decided to set up their own paint manufacturing company. With a talented chemist on the team, they had a vision for a company that produced high performance water based environmentally friendly paints for the professional market. No retail chain, no costly paint charts and expensive marketing campaigns. They could match any other manufacturers colours and just focus on great product at competitive prices.

Our first task was naming the company. Our recommendation of Paint+ came about because the company was going to supply paint and service with added pluses over competitors products and capabilities. Because they were small they could innovate and create products the big industrials couldn’t justify. One of their earliest breakthroughs was creating specialist scenic paints for the film industry. We created a series of business cards that were designed to be handed out as sets. Each featured a whimsical illustration and a comment related to the paints special properties such as a picture of a coat rack with only one coat hanging and the tag “Less Coats”. The idea was that people would hand the cards on to refer new contacts for Paint+. The brand development won a Best Design Award.

Over the years as the Paint+ brand has developed and grown, we have developed all of their visual communications materials from packaging, all printed materials such as brochures and leaflets, advertising and display materials plus their websites. As the market has expanded for Paint+ so have the needs of the brand extended. Research identified that the general public didn’t recognise the brand because it had never been marketed to them. Clients of professional painters would see the Paint+ pails with simple utilatarian branding and think that the painter was using a cheap brand rather than the best paint on the market. So we realised that we needed to develop new more sophisticated pail packaging that once again reinforced the Paint+ attributes of being the most eco-friendly high performance paint available. We created a new visual language for the brand based around photography of nature - rocks, leaves, shells, flowers and feathers.

Paint+ is the first and only company whose every product has been awarded Environmental Choice accreditation. Paint+ has it’s first retail store now on the North Shore and sells through a number of stockists throughout New Zealand as well as exporting to Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom.

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