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gardyneHOLT brand design
gardyneHOLT is a hard-working brand design studio in central Auckland. We create effective brands that put our clients on the same page as their clients. Our complete graphic design agency provides integrated design across your brand and logo, stationery, signage and brochures. We build your website, newsletters, online and content marketing, and design product branding, including labels and packaging. gardyneHOLT is an approved designer for government agencies under the All-of-Government design services contract.

"All customers love the packaging. Thank you guys for this amazing design.”

Jie Tang

Owner - Kooljoy



Branding is much more than just logo design. Your brand identity is everything that your market feels and thinks about you, and our design process starts with a thorough understanding of your goals and values, and your market. We’ll help you to identify elements of your brand design that aren’t working well, and fix them. We won’t fix what isn’t broken.We have many years’ experience in both new brand development and refreshing existing brands (or rebranding). GardyneHOLT also offers you a strong expertise in product packaging design, particularly wine label design and packaging or labels for export.


Our in–house web team work right alongside our designers, and you benefit from the whole project being completed under one roof. GardyneHOLT seamlessly integrate your website, blog, newsletters, online marketing or digital publishing with printed media. We take a very practical approach to website design and construction, based on a thorough identification of target market needs.

Content Marketing

People still like to buy, but nobody likes to be sold to. Our content marketing service builds traffic to websites through quality, targeted content, to gain trust and brand loyalty by providing genuine value. Content marketing has been described as ‘the only marketing left’ (Seth Godin), and Colin Kennedy is recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading experts in the field.


GardyneHOLT has a comprehensive language translations facility with capability to produce communications in Asian, European, Middle Eastern and Pacific languages. But rather than reading all this stuff about us, give us a call and tell us more about you. Phone (09) 300 3155 and talk to Fraser Gardyne.