Audacious, bold and a little bit naked…

When Vine Marketing approached gardyneHOLT for new packaging on behalf of O:TU & Co, they were looking for something that would position their Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc as modern and audacious.

GardyneHOLT Creative Director Malcolm Dale said the client wanted a brand that was fresh and cosmopolitan, while communicating that O:TU is an exceptionally good quality wine, new and different to more traditional wine labels.

O:TU spokesperson Catherine Ma said O:TU Sauvignon Blanc is distributed by Glengarry Wines where it has been very well received, particularly by women. The reserve range, blend 102, is popular with hotels and restaurants.

“The branding gardyneHOLT developed is bold – you can see how it jumps out compared to other labels alongside it. Feedback from the market is that O:TU is seen by customers as fun, young and summery.

“Using a synthetic label rather than paper is also going down very well because the label doesn’t fragment when it gets wet. It’s clean and tidy. We love the brand,” she said.

GardyneHOLT graphic designer Eleanor Parsons said her job was to develop a suite of label designs and packaging that hadn’t been done before, and which would help the wine really stand out alongside wines in a similar price range.

“We pushed the boundaries in design, packaging and label print to the very limits of what can be done. The design range itself features a brand name that uses transparency to appear punched out from the tactile, subtly patterned labels (the name O:TU itself appears to be etched from naked bottle and not part of the label).

“Each label is a progression on the previous so that all in all, it’s definitely bold and audacious – a good fit with the wine itself,” she said.

For more on the O:TU wine story and ‘how to design successful packaging for export’ (as published in the March/April 2013 of Exporter Magazine)


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