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Experienced brand, print and packaging design for domestic and international markets

Putting business and clients on the same page, shaking hands.

GardyneHOLT provides extensive experience in brand, print and packaging design, for both domestic and international markets - whether new brands, rebranding or brand strategy.

The company's in–house web implementation team seamlessly integrates electronic communications with printed media. GardyneHOLT takes a very practical approach to design, based on a thorough identification of market needs.

GardyneHOLT is CarboNZero certified. 

Client Comments

A talented design team that always comes up with great ideas and innovative solutions

- Catherine Ma, Marketing, O:TU & Co. ltd


Cartoons mean business

When national pharmaceutical wholesaler ProPharma wanted to humanise and personalise the company’s positioning and message – in what is essentially a serious and somewhat dry sector – management hit on the unusual idea of using cartoons. General manager and illustrator...

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We have successfully completed our second audit maintaining our carboNZero certification, and are committed to working efficiently as well as effectively.