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Bill Lissington
Business Manager

On the face of it, gardyneHOLT's new business development manager Bill Lissington brings an extensive background in the finance industry to the table, but when you dig deeper you realise he's really about investing because, whether you're talking property or a brand, there's value to be had.

"I've always been about building assets and oiling the machines of commerce – which isn’t that much different from marketing. It’s all about business solutions," says Bill, who joined gardyneHOLT to develop the potential of the agency’s various offerings, including branding, graphic design, website development and content marketing.

"I want to work with clients, existing and new, to help them solve the problems that businesses grapple with on a daily basis. It's about telling their story and adding value."

In addition to his extensive finance industry and business experience, Bill is a passionate supporter of community causes and can often be found looking to create value between community organisations and business, including finding corporate sponsorships for sports clubs and schools.

"Everybody has to win. There should never be a situation where one party takes the money and says 'thank you very much' without adding any value – it happens too often. If everybody does not benefit from the transaction, nobody benefits long term.

"Sports clubs should just not take a sponsorship. They must also add real value.

"My goal is to work with gardyneHOLT's clients to discover ways, strategies and ideas that enable us all to be successful. It’s not just about creating a brand, for example, but also about understanding the answer to the question 'what's the business case'? How will this asset, this campaign or website, bring a return?" If there is any philosophy that guides Bill's business life, it's that "change is inevitable, but what counts is the courage to abandon even what may have worked in the past to seek more positive possibilities in the unknown".

"How else will you grow except through discovery?" he asks.