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Founder of multi award winning luxury tourism business Ahipara, Jean-Michel Jefferson’s passion is creating extraordinary New Zealand travel experiences. Ahipara’s customers are typically looking for a personally tailored itinerary and activities from the very exciting to the quiet private get away. The kind of exclusive hosted holidays not available through normal travel agents.

We refreshed Ahipara’s initial website in 2007 moving it across to our open source CMS Jojo and adding new features. This allowed Ahipara to regularly and easily update their website with new articles and pictures. In 2014 Jean-Michel asked us to create a major facelift to the website to support a big push into social media and community building to support the Ahipara brand. Jean-Michel is a talented photographer as well as a prolific and engaging writer, so is an ideal client from the perspective of populating his website with fresh content. His own contributions are supported by commissioned writing and photography from other travel experts. The new website was designed to blur the lines between a lifestyle magazine and a travel provider. We also designed and built the site to be smartphone and tablet friendly.

Alongside the new responsive website we have created a newsletter template that Ahipara are able to populate by linking through to articles published on the content rich website.

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